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Even the name "rock and roll" was taken from popular reoccurring lyrics found in Rhythm and Blues songs. Within African American culture the mantra was well understood to indicate a 2/4 musical good-time, party and/or sexual experiences. The coining process began in Blues and rhythm songs, in 1922. However, a century later,  “Rock Music” is seen widely as a white cultural creation; with R&B credited as being a mere contributor to the art form. Elvis Presley, a white historical legend, is hailed as "The King of Rock and Roll." Therein resides the problem. How can Rhythm and Blues be reunited after Rock and Roll was illogically  and arbitrarily split from R&B in 1957. The division was made at the height of American white supremacy?

Many people are still alive who experienced Rock and Roll as being synonymous with Rhythm and Blues music. Others have studied the prideful African American cultural creation. That is, Rock Music is R&B, and Rhythm and Blues is Rock and Roll. People who arrive at that truth from either experience , practical or intellectual, already have made invaluable international contributions to humanity. Rhythm and Blues University proudly honors people around the world who both understand and accept that Rock Music is Rhythm and Blues. Clear evidence of having satisfied those two criteria must accompany the RBU honorary degree application.

What is Rock and Roll music? At least two scholarly publications attempted to answer that question in the 1970s and 1980s. The research, largely under reported in popular media, remains exceptionally important decades later. The performance art is among the greatest cultural gifts ever given to the world. The findings also reveal that Rock Music is actually the African American cultural creation, Rhythm and Blues. The latter discovery has never been factually refuted.

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Rock and Roll Music Is Rhythm and Blues