About Us

Rhythm and Blues University is a private on-line educational corporation. Although not yet accredited, it presents community programs and workshops. It produces and distributes various products which reinforce widespread recognition that rock music is rhythm and blues. The University awards a R&B Recognition Certificate and confers its honorary degree, Doctor of Rhythm and Blues Knowledge. The latter has been bestowed upon people around the world that understand and represent the true cultural identity of rock and roll as rhythm and blues music.

RBU was  founded by Lawrence N. Redd in 2010. During the late 1960s Redd helped produce and promote Al Green's first national  hit, "Back Up Train."  Initially, some "Top  40"  rock   stations refused to play the rhythm and blues production, saying it was not "rock." Later, Redd  researched and wrote the Michigan State University Press publication, Rock is Rhythm and Blues: The Impact of Mass Media (1974), which was adopted as a text book by several major universities. He served for more than three decades on the faculty-staff of Michigan State University. His research has been published in books, encyclopedias, and academic journals. He has produced numerous radio and television shows, and recordings, including the internationally acclaimed R&B recording, “I’m Loving You” by Cloudburst. He also established the music industry program at Texas Southern University.