Rhythm and Blues University is an on-line private educational corporation, not yet accredited. It helps to fully restore and teach the true cultural heritage of Rock and Roll music; once known as Rhythm and Blues. The University's philosophy is based upon important graduate school research. It was published in book form, Rock Music Is Rhythm and Blues, in 1974 by the Michigan State University Press. Thereby, RBU’s honorary degree represents the manifestation of bona fide academic research.

Conclusively, Rock and Roll music has been welcomed and mastered, as Rock, by many people in other diverse cultures around the world. However, its Rhythm and Blues heritage and identity, varied and complex, has often been obstructed or negatively Americanized.

The University's research has been distilled into a single page document which contains twenty-one ciitations. The latter complements a rare oral history document, "Rock! It's Still Rhythm and Blues," an academically referred article. It was published during the pre-Internet era, 1982, in The Black Perspective In Music. The identity of the accomplished Rhythm and Blues artist, Sonny Dae, was not widely known until after Youtube was invented.  Subsequently, many videos on "youtube" help to illustrate that "rock music is rhythm and blues."

Based upon mastery and defense of Rhythm and Blues research, keepers and guardians of the culture can approach the University to receive their honorary degree, Doctor of Rhythm and Blues Knowledge.

The University has awarded its honorary doctoral degree to people throughout the world who understand and accept that the true culture of Rock Music is Rhythm and Blues. The latter represents the basic set of criteria by which unheralded "knowledge keepers" can be identified, acknowledged and officially honored by Rhythm and Blues University.

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